Tuesday, March 16, 2010

alolo..i'm back again...-17032010-this week is a school holiday..i'm gonna to rest my mind for a while from study....my besties sofea,,ask me to hang out with her today but i can't because my mother not allowed me to go out..urghh,,i'm really sad now coz i really wanna hang out with sofea....i'm so sorry....i promise you that we will hang out together when school holiday oke????
keep my words...sorry sofea..luv u....mmmmmmmmmmmmmuaahhhh..

Friday, March 12, 2010

alllooo...-12032010-this is my first day writing a blog..urghh,,i've faces a lot of things happen in my life..i know sumtimes i can't through it at all..but i tell 2 myelf to face it....hurmmm,,,this year i've learned a lot of thing that make me realize that friend is really important 4 us,,because we can share our happiness and sadness with friends...l love my friend damn so much....especially sofea,aqila,fara nabila,uyun,fatin,una,fara,dyana,and nini...i dun know what's going on with me if i've to lost them all..it's really hard 4 me to stay away rom them...i just wanna to say that you guys such a great,fantastic,wonderul friends that i've ever met...i will never broke your heart..this is my promise guys...love you guys...

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